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Size J, Queen of the Tundra

One of my brothers had bought me a black faux fur vest for Christmas. Yesterday it arrived in the mail, much to my heart’s content. I was so excited that I did a few karate chops (or what people who don’t practice martial arts believe to be karate chops) and then planned an outfit around my fake beast.

All the kids at work LOVED this thing (I work at a supplemental education center). I can’t tell you how many times my students “pet” me. I was getting hugs every ten minutes — I have never felt so loved in my life!


Faux fur vest: gift from my brother. Shirt: H&M. Necklace: Forever 21. Pants: Adriano Goldschmied. Watch: Movado. Bracelet: gift from a family friend.

As you can see, I’m of the opinion that a black-on-black color scheme isn’t limited to Bentleys and Phantoms. I chose to wear my black vest with a black top, black pants, and black boots because black almost always look great with black.

Also, a black fur vest with an iridescent shard necklace looks so ridiculously cool together; I feel like a warrior ice queen who’s about to ride a silky black horse across a frost-covered plain into battle. I bought the necklace at Forever 21 last night for $9 and change. I couldn’t resist!



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Winter Flowerlandia

When I think of Christmas and all of the things that announce it, these things come to mind:

1. Everything peppermint and chocolate!
2. Really bad holiday-themed Larry Levinson romcoms on Lifetime. (“Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus” starring Steve Guttenberg, anyone?) To be fair, this one is a pretty recent addition to the list c/o my cousin Lisa.
3. Christmas cards.
4. Drag queen Rastafarian Santa!

Probably my favorite part of holiday decorating

Probably my favorite part of holiday decorating

5. Holiday shopping, naturally.

Speaking of holiday shopping (of course), I recently caved and purchased a pretty awesome dark floral blouse from H&M for around $15.

Blouse: H&M, Pants: Adriano Goldschmied, Jewelry: Gifts

Blouse: H&M, pants: Adriano Goldschmied, jewelry: gifts from family and friends

Now, I know that I should be abiding by my rules here, but it was only $15 and it was one purchase for myself. I don’t even feel guilty about having made the purchase; although, I did initially feel a little bit of guilt about not feeling guilty about having made the purchase. Who saw that one coming?

To be fair, I gave myself those two rules as guidelines to help me save money and feel less guilty about what I buy. So far, this plan has been working. I haven’t made any impulse purchases, and I haven’t spent money on anything that I might’ve subconsciously believed would hide or, at least, compensate for any inadequacies I might’ve perceived in myself.

Jewelry: gifts from family and friends.

Jewelry: gifts from family and friends.

Purple accents, like amethysts, play off of the purple and blue in the blouse.

Purple accents, like amethysts, play off of the purple and blue in the blouse.

On a technical note, this floral print blouse also has an interesting stripe pattern. Based on this, I thought it would be appropriate to pair it with some geometric accessories with more linear patterns and grooves. I also thought that a floral pattern was worthy of some romantic accessories, like my silver bracelet with the heart charm and the Celtic-style engraving or my floral brass and pearl earrings.

My brother bought these earrings at a flea market in Florence. They were supposedly inspired by the design of a pair of earrings worn by Caterina de' Medici.

My brother bought these earrings at a flea market in Florence. They were supposedly inspired by the design of a pair of earrings worn by Caterina de’ Medici.

Blouse: H&M, pants: Adriano Goldschmied, shoes: Tory Burch, jewelry: gifts from family and friends

Blouse: H&M, pants: Adriano Goldschmied, shoes: Tory Burch, jewelry: gifts from family and friends

Am I still a shopaholic? Let’s just say that I’m making great strides in my recovery.

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Fashion Challenge: Mesh Top *Lots of Pics* *New Segment*

It’s been about a month since I’ve written about my decision to abstain from purchasing any non-necessary and/or low-quality items. While it’s true that my wallet hasn’t felt this good in years, this decision hasn’t entirely been “sunshine and roses”. Listen, I knew from the start that cutting down on clothes shopping wasn’t going to be without its obvious issues (has anybody seen Jeffrey Campbell’s Seem platform?), but I definitely didn’t expect to have any new concerns related to style and upkeep.

Now, instead of just being afraid of one day cracking and dropping $300 on some stuff I don’t need, I’m haunted by another, even more pressing concern: will my newly limited wardrobe resources lead me to eventually run out of outfit ideas? I’ve seen what’s in my closet: lots of clothes that either no longer fit me or have shoulder pads and ‘80s proportions (remember, most of this stuff belonged to my mom twenty to thirty years ago). Wtf is a modern Millie to do!?

Finally, I convinced myself that that would only happen if I allowed it to happen. Mind over matter, Size J! Or, as my grandfather would say if he were alive, “Coraggio!” That’s when I got the idea for the Fashion Challenge!

The core idea behind the Fashion Challenge segment is that anything can be styled. That’s right — anything. Give me your tattered, your fugly, and your outdated, and I will make them wearable once again. Sometimes, all you need to do is reimagine the world in which those pieces would be worn; other times, you might need more of a nip or a tuck. Either way, anything can be worn again, including your stripper heels and your ‘70s plaid bell bottoms.

Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed by my crazy, immense-scale ideas that I abandon any efforts to get a plan off the ground. Luckily, I know myself well enough by now to know that if I want to pull something off, I need to be organized and consistent, and avoid limiting my ideas. I am very pleased to showcase the inaugural Fashion Challenge post, and the Polyvore style boxes I’ve made to accompany it.

For this post, I decided to style something a little more simple: a black mesh dress.

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a black mesh DRESS.

Mesh is one of those materials that often looks cheap, which is why it’s especially important to pair it with quality accessories. There are ways to make your mesh top the standout piece, and ways to make it more of a “supporting” piece. Below, you will find several examples of how you may stylishly incorporate mesh into outfits without looking like a hot mesh… mess. Sorry — I blame the Sean Connery movie marathon. 😉


With mesh, it can be really easy to go from night club to strip club. Here are some tips to keep you at the bar and off the pole (unless, of course, that’s where you want to be):

1. Match the solid top to the color of the mesh for a more refined finish.

How to Wear a Mesh Shirt -- Solid with Same Color Mesh

Click the style box for clothing credits.

2. If you select a solid in a color different from that of the mesh, layer the solid OVER the mesh.

How to Wear a Mesh Shirt -- Solid with Different Color Mesh

3. Try a more monochrome outfit for elegance and a more streamlined silhouette. Black on black is timeless, sexy, and mysterious. White on white is fresh and modern.

How to Wear a Mesh Shirt -- Smaller Solid Garments with Mesh #1

4. If you decide to go the less-is-more route by layering a bra or bandeau underneath your mesh top, there are two styles you can try. If you have a loosely fitting mesh top, go the bohemian route with down-to-earth accessories and more contrast among garment textures and style.

How to Wear a Mesh Shirt -- Smaller Solid Garments with Mesh #2

If you have a more tightly fitting mesh top, don’t be afraid to really crank up the sex appeal by channeling the strippers of yesteryear with a leather bra, like I did. If you’re worried about looking cheap, never fear — keep skirt hemlines about knee-length at their shortest, only wear tailored jackets, and style with only good quality (or industry-approved — wink, wink) accessories. For extra impact, go monochromatic.

Mesh dress: the Luxe Collection (bought it at some store in Chelsea), leather bra: DeMask

Skirt: H&M, leather pumps: Pleasers, jacket: BCBGMaxAzria

I’ve already gone into detail about what makes this leather and silk jacket so awesome, but thrown over a mesh top and leather bra gives “ssssssexy” a whole new meaning! Oo la la!

These rings were my mom’s. She told me that she was on a serious silver kick in the ’70s. I think they make the outfit look very biker-esque.


1. Throwing a really loose net-like knit cardigan over mesh adds some funky movement to your upper half. Select a colorful knit for an even bolder optical effect.

2. A mesh shirt is pretty daring to begin with, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of your outfit can’t have an edge. Just remember that edgy “supporting” garments and accessories should at least be cut in more classic shapes, as your outfit will otherwise run the risk of looking too illogical.

How to Wear a Mesh Shirt -- Mesh with Mesh

3. Mesh is both a pattern and a texture. Mixing textures creates more visual interest in an outfit, so don’t shy away from mixing the smoothness of leather leggings with the bumps and jags of an alligator handbag. The key here is not to overdo it; make sure at least two of the garments in your outfit are the same texture and/or material.

4. Use neutrals to pull the outfit together.

5. Always know what you plan to wear underneath your mesh. Will you be wearing a t-shirt or a tank top? Will you be making a statement with a bra or a bandeau? Will you be wearing something skin-toned to keep the focus solely on the mesh? Be aware of what it is you’re trying to highlight or play down.


Mesh can have the same effect as a print. For a punchy look, mix mesh with something graphic.

1. A uniform print like mesh should be layered underneath a more complex print to keep the focus on the statement garment.

2. To keep your outfit from looking schizophrenic, balance the colors in the selected print with accessories in one or two neutral tones.

How to Wear a Mesh Shirt -- Print with Mesh

3. I love garments with pleats and origami-esque folding. For a ladylike look incorporating mesh, combine printed architectural dresses, shirts, skirts or pants with edgier takes on classic accessories.

4. If you’d like to use mesh to look more “bohemian urban raver tribe child” (I made that up — I don’t know if that’s a thing), try pairing a loose printed dress with unusual shoes, statement rings, and a structured bag.

Sunglasses: my brother’s. Attitude: FUN!

Lastly, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember to have fun. I had so much fun trying to figure out how I could style a couple of outfits using a mesh top that I completely forgot to feel anxious over the prospect of running out of style ideas. Take that, closet!

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