I Am Size J!

I used to be the girl who’d wear low-rise corduroy parachute pants with a suede lace-up crotch to school. They were hideous, they were tacky, and they didn’t flatter my figure in the least, but I wore them because they made me feel like my truest self: a rebel, a feminist, and a champion. These pants gave me the confidence I needed to face the day and be myself, regardless of whatever fashion magazines or news stations said about my clothes.

It’s been a while since I’ve worn pants like that, but not because they’re “out of style”. You see, fashion evolves, and what we get out of each article of clothing we own evolves along with it. I loved those pants because of how they made me feel and who they inspired me to be, but different things do that for me now. This blog is about my own style evolution: it’s about taking risks and learning something new about myself, and others, through fashion. It’s about making fashion fit me, and not the other way around. It’s about finding my true size: Size Julia, Size J.


4 thoughts on “I Am Size J!

  1. LMLM says:

    But will you wear those low-rise corduroy parachute pants with a suede lace-up crotch to Christmas Eve? xL

    • Size J says:

      I’m afraid my mother got rid of them long ago… If she hadn’t, I’d probably have figured out a way to usher them into 2012 by now!

      The fact that they were corduroy, low-rise and with a suede lace-up crotch made them funky, so I would’ve probably worn them with very high heels or wedges underneath to make them look a little neater and more seventies, and to tone down the adolescent funk and grunge elements. Large statement pants like those would call for one large accessory, like an oversized envelope clutch in a burgundy or a plum (for something on the vampy side). Shirt would be a light to medium gray and very basic. I’d avoid the short-sleeved shirt, and go with either a long sleeved shirt, a 3/4 length sleeved shirt, or a tank top.

      Finally, I’d pair it with a vintage accessory. I’d go for some “hard” jewelry, like a couple of stackable silver rings, but I’d keep it on the minimal side. I’d even opt for a final piece of jewelry that’s more like a piece of art. I happen to adore the hand shaped bracelets by Delfina Delettrez for the Gagosian Gallery. They are so beautiful; I wish I could afford them! I really love the more minimalist and simple material combinations (white marble and sterling silver, for example look amazing together!), but the one I’d especially love for this look is the sterling silver and olive wood one with the colorful fingernails (one of these fingernails is made of lapis lazuli, btw; hey, a girl can dream). I don’t have a $2,000 work of art to throw on my wrist, but the point is still the same: when wearing a funky article of clothing in a dramatic shape, keep the shapes of other accessories and articles of clothing simple, but with enough unexpected detail to make the whole thing visually interesting and clever. One need only shop one’s own closet to find all the materials needed.

      Sigh. You’re making me miss those pants! Not so sure how I’d style them for Christmas Eve… let me get back to you on that. That sounds like a challenge!

  2. Size J says:

    AWwwWw!!!! Ashley! That is so sweet! I’m so glad that you like my blog! I will be adding more posts — pinky promise!

    Did you ever do a festive reverse French using Christmas colors? I want to see pictures!!!

  3. Ashley K says:

    heyyy julia!! its your wonderful little cousin ashley!! 🙂 ok so i watched your video and ok for one, i love your clothes! haha. and second, i’m sooo going to try the reverse french manicure after i do my homework:) i’m going to try christmas colors and if they dont look bad ill deffinetly show you:) great idea! ok i’m going to go do geometry, but I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! ❤

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