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Size J, Queen of the Tundra

One of my brothers had bought me a black faux fur vest for Christmas. Yesterday it arrived in the mail, much to my heart’s content. I was so excited that I did a few karate chops (or what people who don’t practice martial arts believe to be karate chops) and then planned an outfit around my fake beast.

All the kids at work LOVED this thing (I work at a supplemental education center). I can’t tell you how many times my students “pet” me. I was getting hugs every ten minutes — I have never felt so loved in my life!


Faux fur vest: gift from my brother. Shirt: H&M. Necklace: Forever 21. Pants: Adriano Goldschmied. Watch: Movado. Bracelet: gift from a family friend.

As you can see, I’m of the opinion that a black-on-black color scheme isn’t limited to Bentleys and Phantoms. I chose to wear my black vest with a black top, black pants, and black boots because black almost always look great with black.

Also, a black fur vest with an iridescent shard necklace looks so ridiculously cool together; I feel like a warrior ice queen who’s about to ride a silky black horse across a frost-covered plain into battle. I bought the necklace at Forever 21 last night for $9 and change. I couldn’t resist!



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There’s a party on my fingers! Yay!

This week I forced my brothers to watch Fudoh: The New Generation with me (I feel like there’s probably a lesson in there about compromise, but…), my brother flew back to London on Thursday night (the most emotional part of the week), and I went to this awesome exhibit at MoMAI’ve also been trying to get my posterior in gearior regarding my next Fashion Challenge segment (I’m trying to post one/month and I’m already behind schedule), but I can’t find certain garments in the Polyvore archives or when I Google them, which is something I find unacceptable in 2013. Seriously, why is it so difficult to find the leather Rick Owens sporran I spotted in Philadelphia two years ago at a store that no longer exists?!

I knew that I was going to be doing my fair share of socializing this week, so I needed to be prepared for whatever excitement and mischief was to come my way. Enter the PARTY MANICURE.


Despite the fact that all of the manicure photos I’ve posted are fun, glittery, trendy, and two-toned, I generally stick to more solid and uniform manicures (which is also one of the reasons why I’ve only written about four of my manicures so far). What can I say? I was in the mood for confetti. Plus, this manicure matches these crazy pants which I’ve had for MONTHS and finally wore for the first time on Saturday night. 🙂



I absolutely love the print of these pants; however, there is this brown paint splatter motif that makes them kind of look….. soiled. Gross, huh? Well, I’m all for fugly chic and anything kind of transgressive.

Here’s to my gross-looking, but awesome printed pants and the party on my fingers!

Base coat: White Hot by Sephora by OPI (see the tip below)
Top coat: Twinkle by Milani
Pants: H&M

TIP: Use white nail polish as a base coat for solid, colorful manicures. Cover those white digits with a neon color (Dream On by Sinful Colours is my personal favorite) and watch that color really pop.

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