Quick Tip: Tights on Tights

Living in a cold weather state can be nice (there’s nothing like a nice cup of hot cocoa after a cold walk), but it also comes with some problems. For the fashion-conscious, winter is like a dangerous game of Would You Rather in which style and comfort are constantly pitted against each other. If you’ve ever chosen a stylish, flimsy jacket over a warm (but inelegant) puffer coat for a night out in February, you definitely understand how cruel the fashion gods can really be. In recent years, however, I’ve begun to really grow tired of sacrificing one thing for the other, and I’ve been trying to blend the two elements together. Although some attempts don’t yield a harmonious marriage of style and warmth, others have been pretty successful.

Take, for example, hosiery. Not all tights or stockings are warm enough for the winter, but there is a way to make them so, and it’s SO. EASY. All you need to do is layer tights over tights. That’s it! It’s a trick I picked up a few years ago from a friend of mine, and I’ve been doing it ever since! Just take two pairs of tights, like this black pair and this blue pair….


and layer them to make navy… I wish that the picture had turned out better, because the result is really cool in person…


You can even try this with textured tights for a more funky effect. Again, I apologize for the crappy lighting of the photos.




The photos can’t properly demonstrate just how awesome the effect is. I encourage you to try it yourself! Not only will you be warm, but you’ll be adding a little bit of freshness to your style.

Black and blue tights: Hue
Black leggings: Guess
Black fishnets: Marion

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6 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Tights on Tights

  1. Love this! Will be trying it out tonight 🙂

  2. Closet Strategy says:

    Ha ha, you’re so right – it really is a game of Would You Rather?! I like to layer textured tights over a solid pair, too.

    • Size J says:

      It’s so fun! I also like how bright shades are toned down a little bit when a pair of black or gray tights are layered over them. It makes them look less cartoonish.

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