My Nail Polish Bender (pt. 3) – Jeweled Topcoats and Essie’s Dive Bar


As I said in my video, I’m a big fan of jeweled top coats because they’re such a quick way to take your mani from day to night in a flash! Their transformative nail art power is CRAZY. Plus, seeing how I was on the hunt for inexpensive ways to upgrade my style this spring, I figured they’d make a pretty great addition to my nail cubby (yes, I’ve got a nail cubby. No judgment, please).

Nails Inc.’s Special Effects Overglaze Polish sets come with two polishes: one dark and very dramatic solid varnish and one iridescent and glittery top coat. The Sephora near 19th and 5th was selling three different combinations, but the Donmar Collection really stood out to me because it’s MAD FUNKY.

The solid is a burgundy called “Chelsea,” which also looks great on its own. The topcoat is called “The Donmar,” and has iridescent flakes that change from red to gold to green, creating a pretty trippy effect against the burgundy.

This makes for a great party mani. Plus, this shade of red is very sexy, but in a vampy and mysterious kind of way.

Pros: Smooth application. Rich color.

Cons: Effing expensive for a non-novelty two polish set ($20?! Are you for real?).

This look is also pretty customizable. You can pack on the glitter if you’re looking for something a little more flashy without being too Lisa Frank, or you could go for some subtlety. To me, a light application says I’m an educated lady who can appreciate a great Malbec, but sometimes I wake up with confetti in my underpants.

Another polish that I got which, unfortunately, neither films nor photographs that well on my camera is the latest limited edition Essie color, Dive Bar. It’s GLORIOUS.

It’s hard to tell, but this polish is a mixture of blue and purple, and it has a very sexy and sinister iridescence to it. As I described it in my video: it’s got the iridescence of an oil slick. Sexxxy. 😉

It does look really great on nails, though.

A few days ago, I decided to pair it with the Donmar top coat, and this is what happened:

What did I tell you about a manicure with a side of extra Donmar being flashy without being too Lisa Frank?! What I like is that the flecks in the Donmar topcoat look green from a certain angle.

From another angle, the flecks look more orange or bronze. The effect reminds me of the flames of a camp fire crackling into the night air. How romantic!

Pros: Easy application. Versatile solid (clearly works well underneath a glittery top coat).

Cons: None. It’s beautiful.

Who needs new clothes when one has a magnetic polish, a jeweled top coat, and two new solids? Nail polish benders are definitely shopping sprees for broke girls.

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2 thoughts on “My Nail Polish Bender (pt. 3) – Jeweled Topcoats and Essie’s Dive Bar

  1. LMLM says:

    I love the green one — reminds me of serpentinite in ancient & medieval flooring.

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