My Nail Polish Bender (pt. 2) – Magnetic Nail Polish

As I said in my latest haul video, two of my resolutions for 2012 include updating my personal style more frequently, and attempting new things with fashion that I previously didn’t have the opportunity to try.

Now, although these goals sound pretty simple, I’ve come to find that they’re far more difficult to fulfill than they appear. Perhaps the greatest obstacle in my way is the financial resources I would need in order to officially get cracking. Right now, being that I just got my Masters in Taxation, and I’m about to begin my (fortunately, paid) internship with no guaranteed job prospects following the tax season, money’s a little tight at Casa Size J. And, I think it goes without saying that idea that I may not be able to check these goals off my list fills me with TERROR.

It’s always funny when and how the answers to our most pressing problems (or in this case, mildly annoying fashion conundrums) present themselves. It was only a few weeks ago that I was in my local coffee shop pondering different ways I could update my look on the regular and on the cheap, when suddenly, an old friend tapped me on the shoulder. After speaking for a while, she brought up the fact that I still, after all this time, gesticulate wildly when I talk, and that’s when it hit me! The key to getting the ball rolling with my resolutions (and getting over the ex) had been waving me and my partners in dialogue right in the face during every conversation!

The solution to my problem lay in my hands. Literally. Nail polish bender!

NAIL TREND #1: MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH by Nails Inc. in “Trafalgar Square”

Pros: Smooth application. Hovering the magnetic cap over nails for different amounts of time yields different results (see below), leaving lots of room for experimentation. Ergonomically designed magnetic cap allows one to get close enough to the nail to warp the varnish without smudging it.

Cons: The application process is somewhat time-consuming (one must apply the second coat and hover the magnetic cap over each individual nail BEFORE moving on to the next nail OR THE POLISH WILL DRY AND IT WON’T WARP!). It took me a few times to get the effect I wanted for my video (the photos immediately below are from my first try).

I happen to like a more subtle, brushed aluminum finish like the one above but, as I’ve said before, you can hover the magnetic cap over your nail for different amounts of time in order to achieve different effects. For example, this is what happens when you hover the magnetic cap over your nail for 10+ seconds.

This, meanwhile, is what happens when you hover the magnetic cap over your nail for about 5 seconds.

The Sephora I had visited was selling three magnetic polish colors: Trafalgar Square, a red and a blue. The beauty of the three colors is that they each have their own effect when applied; the red looks like a crushed velvet, and the blue/teal, meanwhile, reminds me of an ocean wave, making it great for a more beachy look.

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