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New Year, New Nails

I am aware that December 31st is like any other day of the year. If we did not celebrate a new year, the Earth would still rotate on its axis, the seasons would still change, and life would continue. There is one thing that does change, however, when we celebrate the coming of a new year: we suddenly gain a renewed sense of commitment to the future, and we enthusiastically embrace the promise of new beginnings! It’s healthy to have that marker of time that encourages us to cast aside our cynicism and jadedness and begin anew, with fresh perspectives and positive thinking.

I, for one, can appreciate this kind of celebration. I love the idea that New Year’s Eve is my annual “reset button”! I’m also a firm believer that the way in which one rings in the New Year will have an impact on the rest of the year (although I was cooing over my cousin’s sleeping baby the moment the clock struck midnight, that’s definitely no indication of how my life’ll change this year!). That being the case, I made it a point to go edgy this New Year’s Eve by giving my finger nails a little bit o’ sprucing up.

Check it out: I wore a pale blue Essie number with a coat of black OPI Shatter over it for a punk-chic, marbled look. I was a little apprehensive about trying Shatter, because I tend to find nail art tacky (even though I used to get acrylics back in high school. My, how times have changed!), but I wanted to jumpstart 2012 having tried something new.

Needless to say, I actually love the way the Shatter coat looks, especially against a light background! My friend, Daisy, saw how my manicure looked and immediately opted to have a coat applied over her lilac nails ( 😦 I wish I had a picture!). Nothing says “Friends Forever” when you’re in your 20s like matching manicures. It’s official.

I love this look for many reasons:

1. This contrast of light color with a cracked dark foreground reminds me of a book cover designed by Edward Gorey (to quote Freddy Crane, “That’s so goth!”).
2. The Shatter acts as a topcoat, and it works pretty gosh darn well, too. The coat of Essie underneath my coat of Shatter took a couple of weeks to begin chipping!
3. As the manicure aged, the Shatter shattered even more, creating a more edgy look a la heroin chic. (NOTE: I am not encouraging heroin use. I just think style inspired by St. Mark’s Place street fashion circa 1987 is cool).

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Merry Christmas, Ted Baker!

Hello, hello out there! I’m very sorry that I’ve been M.I.A., but I’m in the midst of a blog tool upgrade (I’m looking for a tripod so that I no longer need to rely on my youngest brother, “Twigglezip,” to photograph me when he’s around — which is to say, once every three weeks or so), so I will be posting about three times a week FROM NOW ON. I pinky promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my AWESOMELY AWESOME Christmas Eve dress.

Dress: Ted Baker, shoes: Via Spiga, Spanx: you betcha

A few posts ago, I predicted that I’d find this dress only hours before I was expected at my Aunt Sheila’s house. Lo and behold, I was right (I found it at Bloomingdales two hours before the party started). Talk about having “una botta di culo” as my Zia (Aunt) Nina would say (that’s just a “less refined” way of saying that one has luck on their side); I seem to pull off the drive-by dress hunting pretty well (meaning, I usually find something I love the day of the event). Yay me! I happen to love all of the dresses I’ve found this way.

I had already decided to buy this dress when a salesperson approached me and told me how much he loved it. “It’s so Jetsons!” he said. Indeed. Check out the sleeves in the next photo! Very “Jane, his wife!”

This is the PERFECT cocktail dress. Why? It’s a classic and very flattering shape for one (yes, it is, Judys and Elroys!). The black and white contrast makes it appropriate for most events, and it gives the shape a very modern flair and some drama. I also like that it’s conservative in all the right ways (I wanted to avoid the side boob and exposed cleavage for a family party) but a flattering and sexy length, which still communicates that I’m 23 and I belong at the not-so-kiddie kiddie table in the sun room (where all the cousins who are too old to be at the kiddie table, child-less and/or unmarried get to hang).

Strangely enough, I didn’t opt for anything sparkly for Christmas. In fact, nary a sparkly accessory could be found anywhere on me. I kept it simple: pearl earrings, smoky eye. That’s it. But, but, but…! I did stick with one Christmas-y theme: shoes with bows!

Shoes: Via Spiga

These were the shoes I wore to my senior prom, and they’ve been my go-to shoe for many a non-professional event since. Even though these are simple black satin shoes, the bows make them so flirty and girly and fun! Perfect for when you want to be more old-school classy than glamorous.

I did make sure to add a pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic palette, however, with this lovely bag I got a little over a month ago. You’ll also notice that I ended up slipping on my brother, “Pandorino”‘s new Michael Kors watch for fun (I love men’s accessories, especially watches).

Watch: Michael Kors, bag: Tory Burch

Watch: Michael Kors, bag: Tory Burch

I also love these pictures because my butt looks AWESOME. I’m definitely in love with this dress and my Spanx. Hell, let me even throw in another photo of the entire dress (seriously, I’m really pleased with my choice — I couldn’t have given myself a better gift if I had tried).

Dress: Ted Baker, mood: pleased but PARTIED OUT

It even looked good after five or six hours of celebrating and filling up on fish and fudge!

Merry Christmas, Ted Baker!

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