Leather, leather, bordeaux

It’s been a rough week, and it’s been a long day (albeit productive and enjoyable): I filmed a vlog post, a friend and I talked shop and fashion over a cup of Earl Gray at her apartment for an hour, and I knocked a doppelbock and a porter back with my brother and my cousins at Growlers Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe (A+, yo). I was going to head down to Astoria to celebrate my friend, Lisa’s birthday, but ended up not being able to go, which was unfortunate because  I love Lisa, AND my outfit was F-L-Y.

Top: H&M, bra: H&M, pants: Adriano Goldschmied, bag: Tory Burch, boots: J. Crew

There are so many things I love about this outfit: the lengthening of the shirt in the back, the sexiness factor of the sheer-on-sheer top combo as seen below…

You wouldn't believe how shocked I was to find a fetish-y bra at H&M!

Rhinestones and fetish lingerie have an unexpectedly classy feel. Who'd've thought?

I also adore my amazing motorcycle boots. I was in need of a pair of black boots and stumbled across these bad boys at J. Crew recently; with my student discount and the additional sale discount, I paid little over $100 for a pair of very high-quality leather boots, which also look BAD. ASS (or arse; whichever you’d prefer).

Lastly, I had spent most of my day with a fun little companion. Meet Carmen.

Carmen is a leather Tory Burch bag in a color described by way of the price tag as “bordeaux”. The  bag is not actually named Carmen; that was my own doing.

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