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I miss my summer dresses!

As much as I love fall and winter, I do miss my summer dresses. Last night, I was looking at pictures from this past summer and immediately, the memories of weddings, rooftop bars, parades, and Coney Island had me wishing I could ditch my warm puffer coat in favor of a breezy and diaphanous gown.

This look, especially, is my favorite from this past summer. I had worn this outfit to my cousin, Elvira’s wedding.

Dress and belt: BCBGMaxAzria Runway, bag: Lauren Merkin

I love the pleats, and the color combinations, and the boldness of the black borders, and the thigh-high side slits. The dress is actually pretty revealing, and shows a great deal of “side boob” if worn off the hanger as-is, which is why I wore black Spanx to make it more appropriate for a family affair (and to make firm whatever tends to look squishy, if you know what I’m sayin’…)

As you can see, the dress is too long, but I feel that this length added an element of drama and mystery to my look, kind of like Morticia Addams (after all, you never saw her feet… although Chas Addams had drawn her with tentacles in certain cartoons…). I was right to aim for mystery, though, because I did have a secret: I was wearing flats. I hate wearing high heels to weddings because I always like to spend a great deal of my time at receptions busting out a lot of cheesy, overzealous, overly enthusiastic, wannabe acrobatic dance moves. Heels are not exactly the right footwear choice for four hours of the Charlie Brown. So, yes, I found a way to still be wedding-appropriate, elegant, and comfortable by opting for the long dress-flat sandals combo that is always acceptable for summer weddings, even if I was never on the beach witnessing a couple named Rainbow and Moonbeam exchange their vows.

Dress: BCBGMaxAzria, my brothers: made by my parents

Almost exactly a year earlier, my cousin, Laura got married and had her reception at the Bronx Botanical Garden (it was so beautiful and romantic, and the weather, thankfully, was perfect). It was black tie, so we got all gussied up (I found the dress the day before the ceremony, of course). I started off the evening in a pair of strappy, gold Steve Madden heels only to be unable to bear them after a few hours, so I went to our car, and traded them for my flat gold sandals. Instant fix! Also, I love the combination of lavender and gold. I threw in a neon color for one crazy fun color palette (I wore Dante nail lacquer in Racy Red — a color that I’d love to purchase if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s not sold in stores or online except wholesale!).

I could post so many wedding outfit photos, but the fact of the matter is that it’s December. It’s cold, and it gets dark early. It can be depressing! But you know what makes winter better than summer? The fact that tomorrow morning, I will not only be thinking of which shoes and bag and accessories to wear with my dress or separates, but which coat to wear over my outfit, and which hat to wear with it, and which gloves, and which scarf…. winter provides us with more possibilities to be creative with fashion!

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Haul – Winter Makeup!

I went on a shopping trip to Sephora and CVS two weekends ago and I purchased a few things that I need to create a new, wintry look! I also purchased the supplies I needed to create my black and gold reverse French manicure (a friend of mine referred to it as very Art Deco!).

Some “reviewlets” of the products I’ve tried since purchasing them (I’ll only include cons where applicable):

1. Sephora Collection Pro Lesson Smoky Eye Palette in brown and black
Pros: Shadows had a creamy finish which enhances sultriness, numbered instructions make palette great for novices, large mirror, comes with two different color schemes to create two different smoky eye looks, comes with black eyeliner pencil, on sale for $28.

2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer
Pros: No applicator means more precise application (what could be more precise than your finger?) and implies a smaller carbon footprint (yay!). A pea-sized amount is enough to prime one entire eyelid and brow.

3. Revlon nail lacquer in Gold Coin
Pros: I love the shade. Surprisingly doesn’t chip that easily.

4. Milani nail lacquer in Black Magic
Pros: It’s a pretty decent black; it hasn’t turned green or gotten gnarly. It doesn’t bubble when applied.

5. Milani Nail Art Lacquer in Black Sketch
Pros: Comes with a very good precision brush. I used this brush left-handed to clean up the lines on my right hand (also my more dominant hand), and I didn’t screw up with this brush (I did, however, screw up using the other brushes, but that comes with the territory).

6. Nailene Perfect Tips French manicure nail guides
Pros: Inexpensive (they retail for $3.19 at CVS, but I got them at a discount). Three sheets with plenty of guides. Intuitive design (I mean, you just throw them onto your nail — it’s not difficult to understand).
Cons: Strong adhesive; it peeled some of my polish off. I don’t know if that means that the polish is weak or the adhesive is too strong…

I haven’t tried the Sephora Perfecting Lash primer, the Sephora nano eyeliner in Pure White, or the Purity facial cleanser yet, but I’ll get to it!

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Leather, leather, bordeaux

It’s been a rough week, and it’s been a long day (albeit productive and enjoyable): I filmed a vlog post, a friend and I talked shop and fashion over a cup of Earl Gray at her apartment for an hour, and I knocked a doppelbock and a porter back with my brother and my cousins at Growlers Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe (A+, yo). I was going to head down to Astoria to celebrate my friend, Lisa’s birthday, but ended up not being able to go, which was unfortunate because  I love Lisa, AND my outfit was F-L-Y.

Top: H&M, bra: H&M, pants: Adriano Goldschmied, bag: Tory Burch, boots: J. Crew

There are so many things I love about this outfit: the lengthening of the shirt in the back, the sexiness factor of the sheer-on-sheer top combo as seen below…

You wouldn't believe how shocked I was to find a fetish-y bra at H&M!

Rhinestones and fetish lingerie have an unexpectedly classy feel. Who'd've thought?

I also adore my amazing motorcycle boots. I was in need of a pair of black boots and stumbled across these bad boys at J. Crew recently; with my student discount and the additional sale discount, I paid little over $100 for a pair of very high-quality leather boots, which also look BAD. ASS (or arse; whichever you’d prefer).

Lastly, I had spent most of my day with a fun little companion. Meet Carmen.

Carmen is a leather Tory Burch bag in a color described by way of the price tag as “bordeaux”. The  bag is not actually named Carmen; that was my own doing.

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