‘Tis the season for festive nails!

Thanksgiving Day marks the beginning of Holiday Party Madness, which pretty much means that for a month straight I will be drinking every weekend, eating more sweets LACED with sugar than I’d care to admit, and listening to The Vandals on repeat. Oh, and as is customary, I will spend the three hours before my Aunt Sheila’s Christmas Eve party freaking out at how little I have to wear, leading me to go on a massive shopping trip where I come home with a whole lotta sequined and glittery crap. And cookie dough.

The gatherings are always fun, though. This past Saturday night, in fact, I met up with a friend of mine for a couple of drinks at the Standard Grill in Meatpacking and ice skating (the Penny Drop is incredible! It’s a very refreshing vodka-based ginger julep served in a copper mug, and it comes with a candied ginger garnish). Being that this was my first outing since Thanksgiving, I wanted to look a little more festive and dramatic. Nail art is the perfect way to ease into the holiday spirit, and so I decided to do a reverse French using gold and black nailpolish (because the holiday season is not complete without some metallics and glitter!).

I thought it turned out quite well!

The look was also not that difficult to create:

1. Cover the entire nail with gold polish (I used Revlon Gold Coin).

2. Once dried, apply a French manicure nail guide less than a quarter of an inch above your cuticle (Nailene Perfect Tips worked well, but a stencil may work better — this is really a matter of preference).

3. Use black polish to paint the space above the nail guide (I used Milani Black Magic).

4. Peel off the nail guide, use the gold polish to retouch any spaces where paint was removed (trust me, it MAY happen, so be prepared to do some retouching), then use a black lacquer with a precision brush for nail art to create a smoother edge (I used Milani Nail Art Lacquer in Black Sketch).

Done! Festive nail art at your fingertips (haha, see what I did there?)! Try reversing the colors for a different look. Either way, your nails will look AWESOME.

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