I love my mamma and her awesome clothes…

Oh, fall! What a romantic season filled with changes, browns, golds, and grays, and spicy smells, hot apple-flavored drinks, and noses pink with chill. My mother’s birthday is in October (October 2nd, to be precise), so I am dedicating a post to my mother and the clothing she has passed down to me, even if almost two months late!

My mother grew up in a major city on the Italian Riviera called Genoa. I can imagine her as a gregarious and romantic girl, one who spent much of her youth swimming in the Mediterranean and skiing in the Alps and dreaming of a future exploring English rose gardens. She was definitely one of those girls who’d give love and romance her all, because that is what women in D.H. Lawrence and Jane Austen novels had inspired her to do (she was an Anglophile even at a very young age). Even to this day, my mother is the type who would give herself to love with an almost childlike abandon that you can’t help but appreciate for being what it is: dangerous and reckless, but honest and real. Seldom have I met a person who lives with such an open heart.

My mother (left) and her good friend, Cristina.

As my mother’s only daughter, I get all of her old clothes. Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s a Libra (if you believe in that kind of thing), or that her mother made many of her beautiful clothes, or perhaps it’s the fact that she grew up a well-to-do Ligurian girl who frequently shopped at Giglio Bagnara and along Via XX Settembre (think Bloomingdale’s and 5th Avenue); either way, the girl had style, and one of the most awesome articles of clothing she passed down to me is this pink pleated skirt.

The skirt is part of a set that was meant to be my mother’s honeymoon travel outfit.

By the look of it, it’s easy to see that such an outfit would look very dated if worn together today, but each piece would look quite amazing when worn separately with other items. Creating a contemporary outfit using this shirt will definitely be challenging, but it’s not impossible! I’ll eventually upload some photos once I figure it all out.

Shirt: French Connection, bag: Lauren Merkin, belt: BCBGMaxAzria, sandals: Cole Haan (obv. looking forward to summer)

The skirt, in particular, is very versatile, and can be paired with edgier accessories (as seen here) to create a visually interesting balance of femininity and punk rock. The sandals and the skirt, together with the ruffled shirt, have a pretty Italianate character without the accessories (think of Sophia Loren when she was still making cherry liquor with her nonna).

I am also IN LOVE with this Lauren Merkin clutch!

::sigh:: Lauren Merkin, you are a genius!

The pebbled texture feels amazing and adds an unexpected element to an otherwise clean and smooth textured outfit. Plus, it makes a bag with such interesting folds look even more luxurious. Also, for those of you who love leather accessories, the quality is exceptional, even at this price point (I think it’s about $300 or so; still high, sure, but touch this bag and you’ll understand why I would consider it a reasonable investment piece), plus, it smells AWESOME. And ladies, think about it: PVC looks cheap, and polyurethane and pleather eventually fade and crumble to the point where you have to just chuck that crap into the garbage, but, if you take care of it, a high quality leather accessory CAN LAST FOREVER. This I learned from Mamma and I’ve experienced it first-hand. Mother does, after all, know best.

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